What’s an MRP?

MRP stands for Military Relocation Professional. It’s a certification awarded to real estate agents (by the National Association of REALTORS®) who have successfully completed special training to work with current and former military service members.
Maritza Rosado, our team leader, former Airforce Military dependent, and mom to Airman Raymond Collado says..
“MRPs understand that military buyers are looking for many of the same things that non-military buyers want, but MRPs also understand the unique challenges military buyers and sellers face when their housing needs change,” says Maritza.

If you reach out to an MRP, you can expect someone who:
Talks your language – From PCS to RAP to BAH and more, active-duty service members speak in military acronyms and follow a unique set of moving protocols. An MRP understands these terms and, more importantly, how they can affect your relocation decisions.
Supports tight decisions and deadlines – An MRP knows that a PCS’ing active-duty shopper is a power shopper who might look for a house, write a sales contract, and have it negotiated all in a long weekend. Time is of the essence, and an MRP does the legwork that helps everything fall into place.
Assists with VA financing – A mortgage backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs can be an important way to improve your purchasing power and achieve the best financing rates. An MRP can help you evaluate these benefits and put you in touch with knowledgeable VA lenders.
Plans ahead – You may be focused on your latest move, but an MRP is also thinking about your next transfer. How easy will it be to sell your home? Does it make sense to convert it into a rental property at the end of your current assignment? These are questions an MRP can help you answer.
Bottom line: an MRP is trained to protect your interests first. They understand the importance of taking a long-term perspective and preserving trust, which ultimately helps them earn more referral business down the road, both within and beyond the military community.
Not Just Active Duty
MRPs are trained to understand and serve all aspects of the military market, including the Reserves, National Guard, and Veterans. As a result, you’ll find them located across the U.S., not exclusively near major bases.
On the Same Page
“In my experience, a REALTOR® who has gone out of their way to receive the MRP training tends to exhibit patriotic qualities that are closely aligned with military values,” says Maritza Rosado. “He or she usually has strong national pride, which translates into a positive experience for current and former military members who seek to purchase and enjoy ‘the American Dream.’
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